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Foreseer - Future resource pathways

Studying at Cambridge

Publications related to the Foreseer project include: 

Curmi E, Richards K, Fenner R, Kopec G, Bajzelj B, (August 2014). Balancing the needs of all services provided by global water resources, Chaper in Book ‘The Global Water System in the Anthropocene, Challenges for Science and Governance, Springer

Qin Y, Curmi E, Kopec G, Allwood J.M, Richards K, (2014). China’s water-energy nexus for integrated resource policies. Abstract submitted for presentation at Sustainability in the water-energy- food nexus, Bonn, 19-20th May 2014

Curmi E, Fenner R, Richards K, Allwood J.M, Kopec G, Bajželj B (2013). Visualising a stochastic model of California water resources using Sankey diagrams. Water Resources and Management , 27:3035-3050.

Curmi E, Richards K,  Fenner R, Allwood J.M, Kopec G.M, Bajželj B  (2013). Effective and integrated management of the services provided by global water resources. Journal of Environmental Management, 129(2013), 456-462

Curmi E, Richards K, Fenner R, Allwood J.M, Kopec G.M, Bajželj B (2013). Understanding the importance of the services that water provides and their connections with energy and land resources; a case study of California. Abstract submitted for presentation at the Water in Anthropocene conference in Bonn.

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Bajželj B, Richards K, Allwood  J, Smith P, Dennis JS, Curmi E, & Gilligan CA (2014). Importance of food-demand management for climate mitigation. Nature Climate Change (4) 924-929.

Bajželj B & Richards K (2014) The Positive Feedback Loop between the Impacts of Climate Change and Agricultural Expansion and Relocation. Land, 3(3), 898–916.

Bajželj B, Fenner  R, Curmi E & Richards K  (in Press) Using a resource-nexus research model in teaching; International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education.

By registering you can now access our Foreseer Beta version. Please note that the tool is still in development, all comments are warmly welcome. This current version of the tool is analysing California.

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