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Foreseer - Future resource pathways

Studying at Cambridge

To access the Foreseer Tool, first register by going to ‘Foreseer Tool’ tab, and follow the registration from there. Your registration will be confirmed by email, and you can than access the Tool from the same webpage.

Once you’ve logged in, you will see that the main window of the Foreseer Tool displays a Sankey diagram showing the annual flows of land, water or energy. It is possible to swap between the three resources by using the tabs at the top of the diagram. The three diagrams are generated simultaneously from the same model – when you run a scenario, all three Sankey diagrams are updated.

User Guide Screen Capture 3-01

To the right of the main diagram is a parameter input panel, with the inputs divided into groups (for example, try clicking on “Future Energy Mix Inputs” to access that section). Here, you can change the parameter values that you would like to test. Once you have set the parameters for a particular scenario, you need to click on “update model” to run the model and see the results. Once the model has finished calculating, the play/pause button in the lower left corner and time line next to it will allow you to view the results of the scenario as an animation. As you animate the results with the ‘play’ button, you will see changes in the Sankey diagrams as a result of your parameter inputs. Some year-to-year variations, particularly in the water diagram, illustrate the effects of natural variability of properties such as precipitation, from dry to normal to wet years.

The Sankey diagrams show annual flows. Cumulative values of some important parameters such as cumulative groundwater use over the time-period studied are shown to the right, accessed by clicking on "stock levels" tab. When elements of the yearly flow diagrams or the stock level diagrams are selected, related information is displayed in two panes below the main diagram, including a graph which shows the change in quantity over time for the current scenario (in dark blue) and the previous scenario (in light blue). This feature allows you to compare the results of two different scenarios.

By registering you can now access our Foreseer Beta version. Please note that the tool is still in development, all comments are warmly welcome. This current version of the tool is analysing California.

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